Scope of Services
ALTUM's standard services include property and facility management. However, certain aspects of asset management as well as project management services will be offered optionally. The scope of services comprises of the following:

Property Management
Property and rental accounting Handling of insurance claims
Operating cost accounting Management of commercial documentation
Tenant and lease contract management Support in event of legal action and claims
Payment transactions / invoice management Coordination of technical management
Monitor property budgets and operating results Produce and verify property related data and information

Facility Management
Tracking of warranty claims and remedying defects Monitor budget for capital expenditures
Arrange, coordinate and monitor maintenance Control and monitor infrastructure related services
Control small refurbishments and redevelopments Arrange, coordinate and monitor examination services

ALTUM already delivers some asset management services in connection with its property and facility management function. However, these services can be extended by the following services if needed:

Asset Management Project Management
Identify new tenants and negotiate leases Initiate developments / conversions to enhance value
Calculate scenarios for asset management activities Lobbyist work with local authorities
Prepare and maintain income forecast Advice on and negotiate planning law and building permits
Create and implement individual property strategies Estimate development costs and potential new income
Perform benchmark, location and competitor analysis Project management